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McLaren North Jersey

McLaren makes a very special type of automobile for people who love race-inspired performance. Our authorized McLaren dealership in Ramsey NJ is one of the nation's premier providers of all current models plus a dynamic selection of used ones.

New Zealand-born Bruce McLaren was a winning F1 driver, race car designer, inventor and engineer who founded McLaren Racing in 1963. Sadly, Bruce died in a 1970 Can-Am crash, but his legacy lives on today in McLaren Automotive and its exciting lineup of sports cars, headquartered in Surrey, England.

The current lineup of McLaren sports cars includes these exhilarating models:

570GT: The perfect car when you want additional practicality and comfort to accompany gob-stopping performance. The glass hatch and panoramic roof add a sense of space, and sumptuous leather-rich interior is a delight.

570S: When you want more speed, the 570S will rocket you from zero to 124 mph in 9.5 seconds. The dynamics of the coupe are entirely race-bred.

650/675 Series: Available as the 650S Coupe, Spider and special Can-Am editions, the 650 Series features a super-premium interior, dihedral doors and all-LED headlamps. The ultralight 675LT and its retractable-top sibling, the 675LT Spider, exploit carbon-fiber technology to boost the power-to-weight ratio.

P1/P1 GTR: The Ultimate Series of McLaren vehicles is composed of the P1 road car and its track version, the P1 GTR, the world’s best driving vehicles. The modern re-interpretation of the classic McLaren F1, the P1 achieves 62 mph in 2.8 seconds.

Don’t entrust your classic car or modern McLaren to an unqualified mechanic. Our Service Department is staffed with highly professional, certified technicians trained at the McLaren Aftersales Academy. Our spotless facility contains state-of the equipment and the approved replacement parts you need to maintain your factory warranty. Whether you need a simple oil change, have to replace tires, require roadside assistance, need expert repair service or even accident repair at our McLaren Appointed Bodyshop, we have the knowledge and expertise to guarantee the quality of car care that your vehicle deserves.

Our McLaren dealership in Ramsey, NJ will be delighted to arrange a test drive of a new McLaren sports car or a classic pre-owned vehicle that will appeal to the pickiest aficionados. Contact us today!


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